My Hackintosh (Catalina) — 20 March, 2020

Since I started working on my new job, in which I was given a MacBook, I started to struggle when switching between computers with other operating systems, mostly because of different key shortcuts (looking at you IntelliJ). Also I enjoy using macOS, so I decided to replace my Linux distro for macOS on my home machine.



The latest BIOS versions aren't working (at least for the installation). I get it to work with the version 7B24v10. You can dowload it here.

The NVMe memory does not work well with some older firmware, I needed to get the firmware version 2B2QEXM7 to be able to, install macOS. You can get that firmware here, or here.

EFI folder with required drivers and kernel extensions. You can get it here.

Access to a device running macOS. If you don't have on you can install it in a virtual machine using Linux. More information here.

Unibeast for creating the flash drive. You can download it here.

How to proceed

Create a Bootable USB

Disconnect all unneded peripherals from the computer

This included external disks, other flashdrives, wifi and bluetooth dongles, etc.

BIOS Setup

Settings -> Advanced

Settings -> Boot



The information for this article was based on the following guides: