My name is Bruno Jesus, and I am a software developer currently working for Commercetools.

I hope some of my notes have been useful to you. If you have any suggestions or would like to collaborate, please feel free to contact me.

Work Experience

Software Developer
2022-02 / Present
Development of Commercetools Frontend
Escola Superior de Gestão e Tecnologia de Santarém
Invited Assistant
2021-10 / Present
Teaching Databases, Systems Integration and Software Engineering @ Cloudmobility
Software Engineer
2021-08 / 2022-02
Development of cNS (Cloudmobility NameSpaces)
Volkswagen Digital Solutions @ MAN Digital Hub
Software Engineer
2020-03 / 2021-08
Development of a MES for MAN Truck & Bus
Alter Solutions (AXA Belgium)
Software Developer
2019-06 / 2020-03
Development of MyAXA Accident@Work
Software Developer
2017/06 - 2019/06
Development of Clinidata healthcare software
Freelancer Developer
2016/02 and 2016/04
Configuration of the OS, system security and development of an update system from scratch for their HomePaq machines.
2014-06 / 2014-08
Internship for my specialization Course, development of a CRM for a Call Center.
2012-06 / 2013-09
Most of my time in this company was occupied by the development of Rediskey which turned out to be my first "big" project.



It has been a part of my day-to-day work since 2017, and it's the language I have the most experience with.


Learned it in order to develop in Angular in my spare time, and now it's become an integral part of my job.


The first language I learned for web development. Using it every day at Commercetools.


I have mostly worked with it since joining Commercetools. While I wouldn't consider myself an expert, I love its simplicity.


This was my go-to language for scripts and desktop apps in the past, but I now use it only occasionally.


Working with it every day since I started at Cloudmobility.